SciFi Culture--Star Trek Seat Belts

"Prepare for impact." ~ Various Star Trek Captains and Acting Captains

It is a rare person who has not noticed that the Star Trek crew bounces around like Superballs in a tin can whenever they are attacked by the enemy. But someone recently posed a theory about this that makes sense. The Cheezburger Network postulated that the Star Trek crew can't keep to their seats because in the future, seat belts are a "lost technology."

We know this happens. Archaeologists find an ancient culture that knew how to use a certain technology. As they dig through the layers of time, they find that there is no trace of that knowledge centuries later. Mankind forgets earlier technologies all the time.

So I am relieved that someone figured out this Star-Trek-bouncy thing. Thank you, cultural experts at Cheezburger. :D

Source Site: Set Phasers to LOL

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